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If there’s one word to describe Trena, it’s “superwoman”. Trena is nothing short of amazing. When I decided to sell my rental property after the tenants moved out, I was recommended to Trena, and boy, did she deliver!

I immediately appreciated Trena’s action-oriented nature and forthcoming attitude. She went out to the property, took pictures, and came back with a report of its current state and what it would need to sell well. No sugar-coating here! I had a property management company from hell take care of the house for several years. Turned out that they let the house fall apart. The list of repairs that Trena came back with was extensive (wood rot, damaged doors, drawers, windows, carpet, etc). I was overwhelmed, but Trena had a wonderful way of assessing the situation, and figuring out what needed to be done. This is one of many of Trena’s strengths. She always gave me a clear plan of action, made sure I understood what was going to happen next and went off and made things happen.

This property had many problems and it left me so frustrated at times that I often wished it burned to the ground. Trena, however, always had a positive outlook on it. No matter what came up, she felt that it it could be fixed. She coordinated the work, and made sure that the contractors followed her top-notch standards. Through Trena’s persistence, the house was finally ready to show, and she was able to find a buyer quickly. The rest of the process went smoothly, and Trena kept me updated on the status throughout the whole process.
Words cannot express how utterly grateful I am to Trena and the time, effort, energy and care she put into getting my house sold. She went beyond the call of duty, and I would ecstatically recommend her to anyone who is looking for a real estate agent that will get results.